<< When we thought about the project that led us to create Integré we were driven by the desire to keep up with a changing world. We thought that it was essential to create it as a Benefit Corporation to best meet the needs of our Clients and of our staff who works for us and with us. >> 

What is a Benefit Corporation? 

The Benefit Corporation is the answer to the question: how can we combine profitability and sustainability? This is an objective of fundamental importance in the economic and social context in which we live in today, shaped over the years by market developments and technological innovations that have led to greater development in every sector. Along with this growth, the awareness of all of us as customers, employees, and people has inadvertently changed. Our approach to what surrounds us has changed and we feel the need to have greater awareness in our daily actions, including our work. It is precisely this strong feeling of change that is the driving force behind the redefinition of the concept of enterprise: no longer just an entity dedicated solely to generating profits, but an entity that, through the achievement of profit objectives, generates a positive impact on society and the environment. Italy, as a pioneer in the European Union, has introduced regulations dedicated to the Benefit Corporation, through the 2016 Stability Law. This complemented the existing legislation for corporations, providing legitimacy and a legal assurance to this new way of doing business, based on sustainability and responsible use of resources. 

Guidelines: Agenda 2030 

At the 2015 World Summit on Sustainable Development, United Nations Member States adopted the document "Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" developed to pursue three ambitious goals by 2030: ending poverty, reducing inequality, and mitigating the effects of climate change. These three goals have been translated into seventeen objectives that constitute a global challenge for every country and every organization, entity or company. As a Benefit Corporation, Integré Integré Spa each year identifies opportunities for improvement and sets targets to be achieved in line with the 2030 Agenda targets. 

Our commitment 

We are convinced that now more than ever there is a need for a new perspective in the management of businesses. The formation as a Benefit Corporation is only the first step in a virtuous path, in which we are confident of counseling those who, like us, want to create positive value for themselves, for their community, for their stakeholders and, everyone in his/her own small way, for the planet. 

As business consultants we want to be an active part of this new model and we want our role to be that of counseling companies along this path by providing our expertise and passion. 


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