We counsel and support businesses in different areas of their operation.

Accounting and tax compliance

Every business is subject to tax charges that change over time: specific skills, real time updates and constant monitoring of the tax framework of the companyare necessary. Accordingly:

  • We assist you in your tax planning;
  • We provide advice on the correct interpretation and application of tax regulations;
  • We are at your side with specific assistance in tax assessment and legal assistance in case of tax disputes;
  • We prepare tax due-diligence: investigation and analysis of data and information related to the subject of a negotiation.

correct accounting system provides a constant and truthful picture of the company, thus ensuring structure, transparency e coherence of reports.The elements of a good accounting service are technical competence and timely updates. Accordingly:

  • We can manage your accounting records at our offices;
  • Or we can assist you in verifying the accounts internally developed by your business;
  • We prepare ordinary, interim and consolidated financial reports;
  • We are specializing in auditing, including acting as statutory auditors and public certified auditors;
  • We perform audits, surveys and due diligence.

Financial and management consulting

We provide a full range of tailored professional services , we support the development of investment plans and increase the value of projects by helping businesses grow, become stronger and more competitive in the market.

  • We assist in the incorporation, amendment and/or dissolution of companies;
  • We assist in the creation of hi-tech start-ups;
  • We assist in the non-standard corporate operations (mergers, demergers, transformations as well as contributions, transfers, spin-offs and company leases);
  • We assist in the purchase/sale of equity stakes and companies, assisting during negotiations, up to the signing of final agreements;
  • We provide you with expert evaluations of companies, businesses and equity stakes;
  • We collaborate in searching and analyzing funds;
  • We support you on projects to manage and promote corporate social responsibility;
  • We assist in the drafting of corporate social reports;
  • We perform budget, cost and cash flow analyses;
  • We respond to your planning needs by drawing up economic, asset and financial budgets;
  • We provide you with efficient control panels and assist you in developing cost control systems;
  • We facilitate your access to subsidized finance (obtaining grants, subsidized investments and participation in calls for tenders);
  • We are at your side in the management of corporate governance issues (company reorganization, management of generational change, relationship between shareholders, and control of directors' duties).

Corporate planning and restructuring

We analyze the economic and financial situation of profitable companies and of those in difficulty, in order to plan development and support their furtherdevelopment or their recovery. We develop projects of corporate restructuring. We assist individuals to restore their significant debt..

  • We structure custom made business analysis, management control, cost control systems and management reporting;
  • We accompany you in the conception and formalization of your business development plans, with analysis of financial break-even and debt sustainability;
  • We n provide answers to your management concerns by performing economic and financial analysis;
  • We provide assistance to businesses in economic and financial crisis;
  • To prevent possible financial problems, we draw up company restructuring plans, aiming for financial rebalancing and monitoring debt sustainability;
  • If necessary, we can help you with debt maturity postponement and the drafting of restructuring plans;
  • We also provide certified audits and preparation of judicial proceedings and out-of-court settlements with creditors (cf. art. 67, 161 and 182 bis L.F.);
  • We are particularly involved in the field of debt relief for individuals with significant debt pursuant to Law 3/2021;
  • We can take care of the liquidation and dissolution of companies and enterprises;
  • If required, we can take on the role of receiver or director of your companies.

Labor Law and Payrolls

We support our business Clients in the management of the most important resource:their people. To do this, we employ experienced and reliable professionals and innovative technologies.

  • We process pay slips /pay checks and assist you with payroll duties;
  • We perform an analysis and optimization of your personnel costs;
  • We create automated reporting for you to monitor personnel costs and any other indicators;
  • We can respond to your requests for the organisation and design of human resources development;
  • To improve the office environment, we can provide you with systems for planning and structuring corporate welfare.
  • We provide consultation regarding safety and health at work related matters ex l. 626 d.lgs 81;
  • We perform labor due diligence for acquisitions;
  • In case of labor disputes you can count on our legal assistance.


Our specialized team, with extensive experience in international groups, provides your business with assistance in any relationship with foreign partners and offers support to the Italian branches of multinational companies. Our team manages the relationships with the parent companies in the native language, simplifying the complexity of the Italian system for foreign investors. The team assists Italian and foreign investors in cross-border transactions, in international negotiations, also in foreign languages.

  • For subsidiaries of multinational companies, we prepare corporate reports and handle queries from the parent companies on your behalf in several languages: English, French and Spanish;
  • If necessary, we handle your transfer pricing issues (master files, country files, contracts) and tax-related disputes;
  • For those coming from abroad, we play the role of simplifying the complexity of the Italian system;
  • We help you with international reporting by drafting regular reports for the parent companies (in support and/or in full);
  • For your international tax issues, we answer your questions and support you in cross-border transactions;
  • We specialize in guiding Italian entrepreneurs in projects abroad;
  • As well as guiding our clients in foreign language negotiations and international transition or relocation paths;
  • We perform cross-border Due Diligence;
  • We can rely on a network of foreign correspondents to support activities and planning of financial and fiscal flows.

Real Estate and Photovoltaics

We provide specialized assistance and facilitate investments, acquisitions, sales and financing in the real estate sector.

Our approach to managing real estate transactions is innovative and totally customer oriented.

  • We can assist you in both the evaluation and purchase or sale of real estate and land;
  • We can help you if you want to set up a real estate investment club deal;
  • Providing you with specific assistance in managing tax counseling and reports;
  • In the drafting of property development and management agreements;
  • We can seek financial partners;
  • And help you with the management of photovoltaic related matters.

Legal support

In order to best support our Clients in all circumstances they might face during the life of their business, our firm is equipped with in-house lawyers specializing in different practice areas, and is ready to assist you with most legal inquiries, including:

  • Civil law;
  • Labor law;
  • Administrative law;
  • Business law;
  • M&A assistance;
  • International law;
  • Bankruptcy law;
  • Bilingual negotiation;
  • Due diligence.


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